Bar Hebraeus

| birth_place = Ebro, near Malatya, Sultanate of Rûm | death_date = 30 July, | death_place = at Maraga, Persia | school_tradition = Syriac Orthodoxy | main_interests = Christian theology, logic, metaphysics, medicine, history | notable_ideas = | module = }}

Gregory Bar Hebraeus (, b. 1226 - d. 30 July 1286), known by his Syriac ancestral surname as Barebraya or Barebroyo, in Arabic sources by his kunya '''Abu'l-Faraj, and his Latinized name Abulpharagius''' in the Latin West, was a Maphrian (regional primate) of the Syriac Orthodox Church from 1264 to 1286. He was a prominent writer, who created various works in the fields of Christian theology, philosophy, history, linguistics, and poetry. For his contributions to the development of Syriac literature, has been praised as one of the most learned and versatile writers among Syriac Orthodox Christians.

In his numerous and elaborate treatises, he collected as much contemporary knowledge in theology, philosophy, science and history as was possible in 13th century Syria. Most of his works were written in Classical Syriac language. He also wrote some in Arabic, which was the common language in his day. Provided by Wikipedia
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