Al Stump

Alvin John Stump (October 20, 1916 – December 14, 1995), was an American author and sports writer. Stump spent time with Detroit Tigers' Hall of Fame baseball player Ty Cobb in 1960 and 1961, collaborating on Cobb's autobiography. ''My Life in Baseball: A True Record'' was released shortly after Cobb's death. From this research, Stump went on to write at least two books and at least one magazine article on Cobb. Stump had, however, been banned from publication in multiple newspapers and magazines for making things up.

''Cobb: The Life and Times of the Meanest Man Who Ever Played Baseball'' and ''Cobb: A Biography'' were followup pieces written over 30 years after Cobb died. Both books, represented by Stump as a reflection on his time with Cobb, have been discredited as sensationalized and, in large part, fictional. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Stump, Al.
Published 1994

by Stump, Al J.
Published 1952

by Cobb, Ty, 1886-1961
Published 1993
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by Cobb, Ty, 1886-1961.
Published 1961
Other Authors: ...Stump, Al....