The opiate

में बचाया:
ग्रंथसूची विवरण
मुख्य लेखक: Birch, Samuel, 1757-1841.
निगमित लेखक: Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.
अन्य लेखक: Attwood, Thomas, 1765-1838.
स्वरूप: माइक्रोफिल्म हस्तलिपि पुस्तक
प्रकाशित: 1797
श्रृंखला:Three centuries of drama. English, 1737-1800. Larpent collection
Three centuries of English and American plays, 1500-1830
वस्तु वर्णन:Musical farce in 2 acts
Nicoll gives title as: Fast asleep; cf. Nicoll, A.A hist. of Eng. drama, 1660-1900, 1952: v. 3, p. 238, 378
Without the music, by Thomas Attwood
Application for license dated Oct. 21, 1797; first produced as Fast asleep Nov. 27, 1797, at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane; cf. Catalogue of the Larpent plays
Microopaque of manuscript in the Henry E. Huntington Library
भौतिक वर्णन:21 leaves